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Not My Mother's Baking (2020)

Independent Movie 

Director: Remi M Sali

Producers: Ho Pak Kin,  Bella Julita, Ahmad Bafadhal

Not My Mother's Baking is a light-hearted yet heart-warming  romantic drama,  featuring actual mother-and-daughter Celebrity Chefs Siti Mastura and Sarah Ariffin in their first acting roles together.   Sarah has always been in the shadow of her mother,  Celebrity Chef Siti.   When she tries to make her own mark in the baking industry,  she is unexpectedly caught between two men yearning for her affections.   Imran is the perfect gentleman any Malay-Muslim parents would approve for their daughter,  while Edwin is an earnest Chinese vlogger who,  as Sarah's brother blatantly declares,  isn't 'halal'!   To complicate matters,  Edwin comes from a Taoist Chinese family which runs a famous roast pork hawker stall.   And being the filial Chinese son,  he is expected to marry a nice Chinese girl and take over the family business.   Will Edwin be able to navigate through their differences to win Chef Sarah's heart?   Or will he succumb to his family and societal expectations?   The movie showcases the dynamic Singapore hawker food culture as well as Chef Sarah's unique spin on baking - a fusion of the East and West!