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Remi M Sali and Ho Pak Kin are the co-founders of Studio59 Concepts.   Constantly evolving,  we are a concept house at its core,  bringing passionate people together to turn radical groundbreaking ideas into completed projects.   We value the professionals we work with as our creative associates and partners.   All stakeholders are empowered to take ownership and together,  we elevate each and every project to its full potential.

Remi M Sali


Executive Producer

REMI M SALI has more than 20 years of experience creating long and short videoworks,  ranging from music videos to features.


Pre-millennium,  he passionately contributed to the budding Singapore film scene with award-winning short films and a feature adaptation of "OffCentre",  the acclaimed play from one of Singapore's most successful theatre companies,  The Necessary Stage. 

Remi was an award-winning Trailer Producer with Singapore's national broadcaster,  Mediacorp Channel 5 (2003- 2006),  before he returned to his first love:  directing.   Effectively bilingual in English and Malay,  he has directed popular dramas,  telemovies, info-ed programmes and arts series for local television.


As Founder of Studio59 Concepts,  Remi has started embracing the role of Producer with much enthusiasm,  leading the team on commissioned and independent projects.

Ho Pak Kin


Executive Producer

Economics & Finance lecturer turned Media Entrepreneur HO PAK KIN shares his wealth of experience managing the team,  having extensive background working in New Zealand and Australia.


Pak Kin manages the finances and leads the business development team.   He inspires the team to constantly evolve with  the ever-changing digital media landscape,   and creates visionary new ways to fund and deliver original content to current and new audiences.


Pak Kin’s first film project is a community-led and independently produced documentary,  Different Shades of Pink, which provides an intimate and in-depth look at cross-cultural love and stereotypes in Sydney.   His fervour for telling inclusive stories that celebrates diversity resonates in current and upcoming projects of the company.

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